GNC #796 Holiday Routine

Sep 04 2012 Published by under Podcast, Show Notes

Show Links:
TPN Round Table
Ustream Blew It.
Samsung MobIlier Program PR Gaff.
Let the Battles Begin.
What iPhone 5 Secrets.
iPhone 5 Video.
Pay to Review.
Tech off the Grid.
Neil Armstrong Photo Gallery.
Samsung Galaxy Camera on Android.
United App on Android.
HiSense Google TV.
Bruce Willis not to sue Apple.
Fair Use on the Move.
Congress and Domain Seizures.
Pirate Bay Founder Arrested in Cambodia.
Obama Ambassador in Cambodia.
Pirate Bay and Proxy under DDOS.
P2P Uploaders Mapped.
Firefox 15 Secrets
Samsung Factory Audio Report.
$20k Space Telescope in Backyard.
Feedburner Closing?
Amazon Kindle Fire Predictions.
NBC App for all Sports.
iCloud Calendar Tricks.
OS Market Share.
Windows 8 Companion Program.
Voter Registration App.
Online Reviews Critical. Apps his iOS Store.
Samsung Analysis Speak.
Walmart Check-out App.
Longer School Year?
Facebook Troll a Cop.
Infected machines on Net?
What Java Security.
Savings Kit.
Spork and Knife Combo.
Dorm Pranks.
Attack of the Customers.

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  • Phil Gregory - england says:

    Hi Todd, Re: RSS

    You always say don’t use feedburner. What do you recommend, should we build the RSS ourselves?

    What do you recommend? Back in the days before i used WordPress…i always found writing RSS feeds a bit tricky.

    Can you point me to what you think is the best solution? thanks

    • geeknews says:

      Every modern blog/cms etc have rss baked in. Even in the early days I never needed Feedburner. Geek News Central’s rss feeds have always been the same. The only time to use Feedburner is when you do not own your own .com and you are locked into someone elses solution. If your hand coding rss your using the wrong publishing platform.