GNC #849 Off yto NAB!

Apr 05 2013 Published by under Show Notes

Show Notes:
Homeland Security Spying on Citizens?
Google to Fight.
Zynga Logins.
Robocall challenge.
WiFi Airbourne.
Takedown the Takedown.
Time Warner once Again.
New Broadband Definition.
3D Scanner.
Print me a Kidney.
Verizon LTE Monitor.
Computer Grading of Essays.
Scribd Hacked.
Cool Pic!
Jury Trial Please.
DEA and iMessage.
Google Glass SXSW.
Facebook Home.
Facebook Liveblog.
Cool Video from Space.
Samsung WiFi Camera/Phone.
New Cannon Cameras.
North Korea Weapons.
Bad Breath Analyzer.
Dish & Aereo?
Second Life Founders.
Sony Cloud.
Botnet Arrests.
Twitter Search & Rescue.
Bitcoin Hack Attack.
Anonymous Hacks North Korea.
Vonage and Area Codes.
Mars Rover on R&R.
Google Glass Explainer Video.
Firefox Do Not Track.
Prenda Extinction Event.

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