GNC #894 No Shutdown Here

Oct 01 2013 Published by under Show Notes

Show Links:
Digital Dead Drops.
Browser Data Collection.
Mcafee versus NSA?
Bacteria Gas Poop.
Don’t Drone me.
More Revelations in December?
Public Facebook.
Cheating YouTube.
Apple Markup.
Google Web Designer App.
Going Offshore?
Obamacare boom to Tech?
Orbital Science.
Plastic on Titan?
Casino Scam.
50gb Download for Game.
Free Speech Win.
Windows 8.1 ad.
Nexus 5.
School Choices.
Hotspot Safety.
Pillars of Creation.
Pics of the Year.
Galaxy Density.
Head to Head all iPhone Models.
Rewired Amputated Leg.
Codebreaker Demise.
IE 10 Zero Day.
How much is your new Health Care?
AR Glasses Impress.
Delta goes with Windows Slate.
NFC Vending Machines.
Xbox One Kinect.
Secure Messenger App.
Aquos Phone Screen Impresses.
Verizon Unlimited Glitch.
Phantom Phone Vibe.
Hydrogen Bond Seen.
Toshiba kills 3k Jobs.

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