Show Notes
Cerevo Liveshell
HD Mobile Broadcast Studio
Wiretap Ready?
Oracle vs Google
Sen Franken wants Blood
Amtrack modernizing conductors.
Mastercard going Mobile.
Facebook News Feeds.
Speed of Light Broken.
No Fly get day in Court.
DHS and Body Scanner Issues.
AT&T Competition drives up Prices?
Alzheimer Cure?
LED Bulbs.
DHS Wants hackers tracked not locked out.
Hubble Venus Transit.
Holding Transcripts Hostage.
Adobe CS6
iOS 5.1.1 Update
Some macs to loose security Updates.
Mac malware Even.
$99.00 xbox.
Doc Tracker.
Kim Dotcom can’t rap.
OSX passwords in Plain Site.
PHP Attack Vector.
Google Car gets License in Nevada.
BitTorrent Rebranding?
Uncle Sam gonna reach out and Extradite you.
Unblock Pirate Bay.
Pirate Bay Security.
Plant monitor
1.5M cord cutters.
LG goes Google TV.
Twit Pic App.
Track your time on websites.
60 Hours in 60 Seconds.
North Korea Videos.
Google+ Hangouts to allow Live.