Geek News Central Podcast

Show Notes:
FB Raw Numbers.
Saverin FB Target #1
Saverin FB Target #2
Comcast raises your caps and keeps on throttling.
Netflix Punches Comcast.
Level3 Punches Comcast.
42 Billion API Calls to Netflix.
Pay Per Bandwidth Model!
Keep on filming the Police.
Mac Pro FB page.
Hawaii + iPad = Top Activation’s.
15 dying Technologies.
This SSD “will” self destruct!
Iran mad at Google.
HBO and Viacom kiss and Make up.
Turner buys up some New Media.
Bartenders Heads Up.
Lightning Ray Gun!
Use P2P your Depressed.
One cable fits all.
W. Virgina buying 22k Routers?
iTunes + Jailbreak = Censor.
Tanks to get 55mpg?
Jury Tech Talk.
Woz has a new Job.
Vermont bans Fracking.
You can’t fool them all the time.
UK Police scanning your Phone.
Go SpaceX Go!
Big Galaxy.
Medical Frequency set aside.
HBO Go Grows.
Direct Tv to offer Broadband.
MAV in Tight Spaces.
Bing Update Review.
Text for Truth.
Verizon – Redbox Update.
iOS 5.1.1 Battery Fix.
HP to can 35k!