Show Notes:
Time Warner Usage Based Pricing.
Samsung 5.9 Billion.
Windows Home Server RIP.
Judge hates Software Patents.
DNS Outage coming for Some!
Google+ Hangout gets Captions.
Microsoft Morgue.
Software Defined Radio!
First Trojan iOS App.
Apple App Store Bug!
Cisco Router Downgrade Instructions.
Hacking Hearing Aids.
Text and Voicemail Fair Game.
P2P In EU Explodes.
Ford Driver Safety.
Cern hits Boson.
Mars Mosiac.
Sunspot Peaked Activity.
140,000 idiots!
Nexus Q tear down.
Olympic Double Amputee.
Parrot Zik.
The Gadget Professor.
Robot Underpants.
iGoogle RIP.
Womens Health!
Robot in Labs.
Norad says where under attack!
Outbreak Danger Zones.
Connected Cars?
Facebook buying Fiber.
Charging Station.
Bike Handle.
Genius Bar.