Show Notes:
iPhone 5 Issues.
5 Million Sold a Miss?
iPhone 5 Globetrotter.
Craigslist under Fire.
Facebook Profiling.
Iran Blocking Secure Google.
Foxconn Brawl.
Kim Dotcomm Wiretaps Illegal?
YouTube 300 Languages.
Squeezebox DOA.
Goodyear on The Go.
Time Warner Cable Dummies
Dummy Ideas.
Copyright Trolls.
Swiss On Hit List.
Data Power with Data Centers.
Is MySpace Back.
Chrome App Update.
Netflix Updates Android.
New Scraper.
Wearable Camera.
Woz to Australia?
Google Car..
Curiosity Gets up Close.
Lot’s of Gas.
Video Lighting.
Hulu Gets WWE.
Lock the bottles Up.
Junk King.
Voice Indexing.
Reddit battle Scourge.
Mega Upload reborn.