Show Notes:
Surface Launch Announced.
Firefox Metro.
686 Drug Sites Removed.
Scam Microsoft Tech Support.
iPad Mini.
Zynga Cash Burn.
YouTube Content ID Changes.
Phone Valet.
Shake to Print.
More NZ Craziness.
Data Fight.
Don’t say anything online in Philippines.
Samsung 7.3 Billion Profit.
Intel Cloud Server?
Google & Publishers Settle.
Android King of Development.
Solar Trade Wars.
The Fold.
Let him RIP?
Facebook Plunders.
Genome Sequencing.
Auto Liking your Comments.
Facebook Pay to Promote.
Lookout Announcement.
Game versus Candy.
20 Patches Next Week.
MS and B&N team up.
Black Box will put you in Prison.
Refined Hack on Hotel Room Doors.
Megadroid at SNL.
Lenovo back to US?
Drill to the Core.
Cat Sized Dinosaur.
FTC releases redacted Google Doc.
Entertainment weekly has a cell phone.
The EW Android Device.
Still headed outbound (into what?)
More scammers shutdown.
Parrot goes farther on LTE Hack.
Keyless Deadbolt.
AT&T New Devices.