Show Notes:
Chinese Spying in Digital Gear.
Windows Phone 8 – Oct 21st.
Voyager 1 departed Solar System?
USAF Flying Saucer.
SpaceX not so Clean Launch.
Time for a Free Fall.
Sat in Orbit in Trouble.
Curious object has Curiosity Attention.
Lets play in the Dirt.
Drone – Refueling Drone.
Resell rights in Jeopardy.
YouTube Dedicated Channels Growing.
BBC and YouTube.
Points Gone!
Google Play Music and Movies now on Google TV!
Boxee new Box.
54.5 MPG by 2025.
Time Warner Crying in Kansas City.
Roku Stick.
A380 Insider.
Small House Smart Design Appliances.
Bravo Valley Show Ohh Boy.
Law over R&D.
YouTube wants your help.
iPad Mini Photos.
P2P Ruling.
Star & Encore on Cos App.
LinkedIn and your Employer.
Twitter SEO.
California Gas.
Spring **YourName Number.
Facebook Privacy Round 82.
iPhone 5 Adapter Shipping.
Bing = Poisoned?
Flash Update for all.
Scary Elevator.