Show Notes:
Paypal Dilema.
Politics + Facebook = Disaster.
Ransomware & SOPA.
BitTorrent is Marketing Tool.
Apple scores top Chip Builder.
Cool Desk.
RedBull Jump.
DOD and Cyber Attacks.
Lookout Update.
UK Analog to Digital Conversion.
KickStarter GB.
Firefox Security Update.
Here comes the Computers.
D-Link Powerline.
Ars Comment System.
Internet Advertising.
Netflix CC Agreement.
Samsung Unjunction Relief.
Wikipedia Paywall.
Reading Others Email not Illegal?
Gaming Plus Ups.
Six Billion Cell Phones in Use.
Zynga just increase Ad unit Size.
Mars Rock = Earth Rock.
Walmart Same Day delivery.
Artic Investigation.
Stem Cells Helping.
Canadian SOPS DOA.
Never Satisfied.
Megaupload Saga Continues.
Direct TV new DVR.
Softbank and Sprint = Disaster.
Endeavor trip through LA.
Asteroid Hunters.
Do Not Track?
R2-D2 Dress.
Guy Gag.
Office RTM.