Show Notes:
Xbox Music and Movies -Podcasting?
Xbox Music coming to Android and iOS.
Xbox Music Windows 8 not 7?
Twitter Second Screen?
FBI warns about Android Usage.
iOS 6 Jailbreak Review.
Microsoft Word versus Photoshop.
Paypal Opt Out form Letter.
Ready for Zero.
Google TV Audio.
YouTube Live Space Jump Video Broke Records.
Helmet View for Space Jump.
Rasberry PI $35.00 plus more Ram.
Reddit trolling!
IPad Mini
CyberThieves Racking Cash.
8 Billion Softbank Investment in Sprint.
Solar Control Hackable.
Hard Drive Replacement add for some Mac Mini’s.
DMCA Broke Big Time.
Dragon arrives at ISS.
More Space Tourist.
Endeavor @ LA at Museum.
Leaked AT&T Files on 6 Strikes.
Move to the Cloud.
iPod Touch no Light Sensor.
FTC Warned.
Yahoo 56 Million Hire.
We are Paying more for LTE.
Google Personal Search.
Mac Mini Update.
Patent Trolls Tracked.
College BitTorrent Top 50.
Retina Dilema.
Buy Windows 8 Now.
File Sharers Spend 30% More.
Sony Hacker pleads Guilty.
Moores Law.
Soybean Futures Down.
BitTorrent Vuse Tips.
Empty America.