Show Notes:
Samsung Says Adios to Apple.
Bill Gates and Windows 8.
Skype & Windows 8.
Windows 8 Doom and Gloom.
LG and Windows 8.
13.5 Billion Years in a Video.
Dish and AMC Settle.
Wifi Aware Light Bulbs.
Samsung Galaxy S3 Update.
Belkin Folio.
Vaccination Via Email.
Cassette Back Up.
IPS Displays and a Elevator.
Fix your Focus.
Laser + Airplane = Go to Jail.
iPad Mini are you ready.
Big Data gets onboard Data.
Tivo says pay up.
Wearable computer.
Android Apps Security Issues.
1.6 Billion on
Dark Google Search.
Apple Class Action Suit.
Tweetbot $19.99 why?
Live Fire Cyber Test.
Soyuz to ISS.
Software Defined Radios.
Better Update your Crypto.
Space Refueling.
Mars Soil Analysis.
ISS Supply Launch delayed.