Show Notes:
Windows 8 Launch.
Pics from Windows 8 Launch.
Media Center Free Upgrade for Pro.
Windows 8 Live Blog.
More Hardware for Microsoft.
Mac Users should hold Up.
Windows 8 Upgrade Process.
Windows 8 deep Dive.
Windows 8 Install Process.
Kindle App for Windows 8.
Stand in Line get a $100.00
Twitter Interactive.
Smartphones and Boarding Passes = Oh Boy.
DOJ Warns DotCom.
Stunning iMac.
iPad Mini.
iPad Mini Screen Sucks.
Apple Music Streaming Service.
Apple Trade Marks
Fusion Drive.
Apple competition?
Apple Maps.
Imgur on the Grow.
Things Go Boom in Space.
25 Best Blogs.
Soyuz to ISS + Fish?
28 Day Movie Release.
Cool Acoustic Guitar Pickup.
Pocket come to Mac.
Robot Underpants.
PogoPlug Mobile.
iPad Mini BlueTooth.
Vista Telescope.
Amazon bleeding money.
Apple clears 8.2b