Show Notes:
Airlines and NYC.
Data Center Flooding.
Data Center Survival Battle.
Watch the Network collapse.
Squarespace bucket brigade.
Where is the Juice.
Tower Outages?
Lifehacker Offline.
Gawker Offline.
Huff Post iPad App Brilliant.
New Boxee TV.
Facebook Censor?
Feds No Dice on Mega Data.
Gov’t attack on the cloud!
Digital Shakedown Story.
1.5 Million because he did not show up.!
9 Months + 13k.
Firefix below 20%.
Sharp in trouble?
Is your Apache hackable?
iOS 6.0.1
iPad Mini emm iPod teardown.
Judge smacks Apple Hard in U.K.
Google Outage?
Chrome Tablets at 41%.
HTML 5 Hacks.
Windows 8 Upgrades.
Sandy Donations.
Angry Birds and R2D2.
Google new iOS Voice Search.
Paypal Rebates.
Russian Spying Again on Citizens.
Evernote for Mac Updated.
10,000 Lab rats Drowned.
Atlantis heads to Tourist Area.
Cool Mac Stands.
OSX Battery Check.
Winzip 17.
Subway Water Plug.
Gangnam USB.
USB Typewritter.
Portal Cubes.