Show Notes:
Apple Falling?
Facebook 24/7.
Twitter and Copyright.
More Smart Meter Security Concerns.
Public Payphone Needed or Not?
VP advises the MPAA.
DMCA censorship.
Verizon App Store Shuts down.
Mobile Data Gets Interesting.
Apple May Ditch Intel?
Mars Portrait.
Off to Mordor.
OS X Keyboard Shortcuts.
Paypal Foreign Sales.
CBS Sign deal Hulu.
Datarex Bars.
10,000 Artist.
Apple Patents to Assist Shutting your Phone Down.
Pandora fights ASCAP.
New Jersey Email Voting.
Kim Dotcom wants new Fiber.
NYC Residents can vote anyplace in State.
Typical Windows.
Cool Business Card!
Silicon Valley Stupidity.
Staples and Amazon Partner up.
Sharp Needs Help