Show Notes:
Angry Birds Star Wars.
Bike Truck.
AT&T & Facebook.
Shuttle Gear Tear Down.
Twitter False Alarm.
Google Cloud SQL.
Amazon Wine.
Foxconn in USA?
Web Radio.
Judge Blocks New Proposition.
Mastercard LED.
No Auto Hopper Shutdown.
Cisco VP on Hunt.
Pizza Hut Hacked.
NASA Experiment.
Stats and the Election.
Filtering Dropped?
Apple reverse course.
Bud and the Movies.
Pfizer Patent.
Fair Use attacked again.
AT&T discounts Tablets.
Get Your Domain Name!
Win 8 new Backup System.
Laundry Caddy.
Windows Phone and HTML5.
RapidShare Battles File Sharing.
BitTorren Red Hot.
Me.Ga no more.
Cray Gets Serious.
Card Box.
LTE Rollout Near Complete.