Show Notes:
Digital Trail Bust them All.
John McAfee Accused of Murder.
Senator Reid and Cyber Security Act.
Groupon Sinking Ship?
Apple Benefits.
Sinofsky Bails.
Two to Replace One?
Two Second Rule.
678 Average Number of Texts Per Month?
US Mobile Stagnant.
Win 8 Getting Security Update.
Samsung Jacks Price up on Apple.
More Patent Trolls.
Fair Use Attacked Again.
Manuals & Copyright.
4g LTE in your Area?
Fender + Guitar + App = Cool.
DARPA needs Help!
Samsung Galaxy Camera.
Acer Chromebook $199.00
Ohio Attorney Digital Alterations hot water.
60% get Canceled at YouTube.
CODcasting Please?
Pepsi Special Fat Blocker?
Google Glasses wins Award?
Japan Music Purchases Plummet.
Mega goes Local.
uTorrent and Ads.
Pirate Bay Founder still in Jail.
Usenet under Attack.
Hiding your IP’s?
Beer Jacket.
Solar Eclipse Today.
The War on Noise.
France tells Amazon to Pay up.
Popcorn Maker.
Bravo seeks Tech in NYC.