Show Notes:
AC/DC on iTunes!
Facebook time waster?
Back to the Web?
Facebook Photo Sync.
Herding Cats!
Used Apple Gear on eBay.
Got Money to Waste?
Waterproof Backpack.
Bristol goes Gigabyte.
Moot told to!
Black Friday Deals Consolidated.
Target Deals.
Office Max Deals.
Staples Deals.
Microsoft Deals.
Engadget Gift Guide.
Microsoft opens Early.
Mac Mini Heist Suspect Arrested.
Judge forces Unlocking of Facebook via Password Surrender.
Facebook goes Secure.
Hunting Drones.
U.S. Cellular Unlimited LTE.
ESPN on Xbox.
Mifi Liberate (Overkill).
Mobile TV
Cord Never’s gonna Hurt Cable.
Windows 8?
Start8 Utility.
Windows 8 Slow Sales?
System Crash reveals Ad Weakness.
UK Freedom of Speech Post.
Google Wants Open Airplay.
Modified Tractor.
RIAA Busy.
Oprah Pay to Play Gaff.
Germany Parents off Hook for P2P.
Megaupload Warrant Serious Questions.
Saturn Composite.
ExpoPlanet Image.
Goce goes Lower.
Soyuz Lands.