Show Notes:
Google Fiber Goodness.
Firefox 18 Beta.
Tech in Classroom.
Verizon 3G Pay as you Go?
Solar + Chevy Volt = Awesome.
Sprint Launches LTE in 11 small markets.
Amazon 3 Billion Bond Sale.
iPhone 5 Cutting cost Margins.
Download all your Tweets.
Anonymous Strikes Texas School.
Fake Press Release?
Vocus / PRWeb has some explaining to do big time.
Megaupload and small movie releases impact.
Pentagon Robot Kill Policy.
Record Illinois police at will.
Hotel Lock bypass results in Thefts.
iOS make up 77% of Thanksgiving Sales?
Black Friday online sales 1 Billion Plus!
Lake Bacteria Found in Antarctic Lake.
Curiosity at 1yr.
Dust Storm on Mars.
Mars Colony at 500,000 per Head.
Ford Fiesta an MyFord Touch.
Dual Number Cell Phone.
132 Domains Taken Down on Cyber Monday.
Intel Processors with no Pins!
Windows 8 Crapware.
West Virginia Fraud Waste and Abuse.
Doxie Scanner.
Netflix Open Source.
Avalanche Airbag.
Kangaroo Bottle with Pouch!
Want a Dr Who Police Box?
Missing Moon Rocks.