Show Notes:
Connected Gadgets.
SMS Tracking for 2 Years.
Samsung Galaxy Camera.
Mac Trojan.
Tumblr Infected.
Voyager 1 News.
John Mcaffe Update.
Mars Rover update.
Acer C7 Chromebook Review.
Price Gouging.
Vatican and Twitter.
4 LinkedIn Tips.
Instagram Vulnerability.
Assembled in the USA.
Internet Freedom.
Internet Switch.
Aereo and Court.
** Copyright Troll is Hammered.
Don’t Promise on Twitter.
iRobot Drones.
Messenger Calls Home.
News Corp axes Daily.
Antarctic Drilling.
Cloud Atlas.
NZ Three Strike Failures.
Android Gmail Update.
Google TV Growing.
Boxee Box?
Verizon Kills TV.
TopStyle 5.