Show Notes:
TWC says we don’t need no stinking fiber.
McAfee back on US Soil.
Google Maps for iOS Tops in App Store.
Amazon Instant for iPhone, iTouch.
Amazon Cloud for Roku & Samsung Smart TV.
Apple Top Apps.
Flickr iPhone App!
Samsung CSO loves Apple Products.
$100.00 DNA test.
HTF More on Saturday.
Reprogramed Stem Cells.
Prep Brain for Stroke.
Always on.
New Facebook for Droid.
Aereo and Blomberg.
Crime on Facebook and Twitter does not pay.
Connectify #1 #2
US Energy Utilization.
The Calm Act.
ITU Treaty.
Caller-Id Spoofing Ok.
Hacking Industrial Controls.
**NCTC is watching you!
EFF may get day in Court.
Just give me your Domain.
Canada Lawyers Up.
Link go to Jail!
Verizon to Fight Trolls.
Six Strike Scheme.
Google Reports False DMCA.
Sprint puts 2.1 Billion on Table.
High Efficiency Power Supplies.
Your Computer.
Drobo 5n.
Sony Cameras.
5 Inch Phones.
Apple Malware.
iTunes Updated Again.
Uber and NYC.
Samsung Android Updates.
Moon Probes to be crashed into Moon.
North Korea.
Death Star.
Biggest Iceberg Break Recorded.