Show Notes:
NASA & Mayans.
The Web We Lost.
Rebuilding the Web we Lost.
Twitter Archives.
Roku Scores 2.
Instagram backs Down.
New TLD’s
Facebook Pay to Email.
Kickstarter Refund.
Hulu’s Fork.
Regulate Data Caps.
WCIT Insider.
iOS 6.0.2 Update.
Apache Plugins Hack.
Powered Flight Configuration.
Redbook Instant.
You got an iPad.
CES Startups.
Windows Exec goes to Harvard.
Apple Looses another Patent.
iOS 6 Adoption Soars.
The Most Remote Location on the Planet.
Crew on way to ISS.
Florida to go Large on Online Universities.
Last Minute Tax Planning.
Delicious Trys Again.
Non-Reversing Mirror.
HDCP Crack results in Lawsuit.
Mega is Coming.