Show Notes:
In the Year 292,277,026,596.
Leaked BlackBerry 10.
Your own Drone!
Russia tourist to the moon.
i-Transport Wheelchair Robot.
Sonos Surprise.
LG CES Offerings.
Gmail Phonr Still Free.
Chinese Bullet Train?
Tip Calculator on Performance?
Roku Help Tips.
AWS ruins christmas.
Fat Dog Lift.
Meat Tenderizer or Weapon.
Online Activity on Christmas mostly Mobile.
Pirate Bay Jail times nears 50%.
Everyone’s a Pirate.
17.4 Million Activation’s.
What Trended on Christmas.
Blogger of the Year.
Wikipedia rolling in Cash.
Same day delivery.
75,000 Windows Phone Apps.
Flickr Pro free for 3 Months.
Could this turn into a personal profile issue.
Is Paper wrong for publishing Gun owners info.
50% Tablet Penetration.
Change in China.
Rockstars check out early.
FISA Renewed?
Finding Earth 2.
50% cord cutting Land Lines.
3ds Comes with more than Games.
23.7 millions gift each year.
Mcafee Escapades.
The Escape Part 1.
Smart Tv but Dumb Owners?
SpaceX Grasshopper Flies again.
Landsat 5 to be Deactiveated.
Original ISS Music.
Curious Christmas.
Dione color Image.