Show Notes:
Iran Launching Monkeys?
Facebook Audio and Video.
No Sleep = No Memory.
Google Data and the Law.
The Law will Prevail.
GoPro 4k.
Styling with MyCharge.
Gas Mileage Saver.
Auto App Builder for Roku, Google Tv etc.
Canada makes a reasonable Wireless rule. to add storage.
Antigua to offer Copyright Material for free.
Call to Duty results in raid.
Netgear gets Sierra 3g/4g.
Yahoo makes some money.
Vine loose Editors Choice.
Vine brings Porn to iPhone.
Java Security is non exsistent.
Don’t starve your Brain.
Darpa Drone Video!
Google offers up serious Cash!
4k World Cup.
Apple TV ads Bluetooth Keyboard.
iOS 6.1
Mophie for Samsung S3.