Show Notes:
New Dew!
Idiots Galore.
Zombie Alert False.
IT in the classroom.
Is WH Petition Meaningful?
Prenda Law and Identity Theft.
ATM’s Risky.
Admin says let Judgement Stand.
River Panorama.
787 Test Flights.
Parking some Big Ships.
Dish Chairman Interview.
Raytheon Riot?
5.5 Optimus G!
Xbox Entertainment Console.
Magic Cook.
Kitchen of Future.
Roku Stream Stick.
Bill Gates Interview on Reddit.
AWS to Spin Off?
Apples’s IRS Problem.
Zuckerberg Charity Work.
Twitter + Amex = STUPID.
More Java Fixes Coming.
Virus to Kill Cancer.
FCC – 10 Million Flushed.
Mega Security Holes Found.
CES – Booth Babes.