Show Notes:
Six Strikes Begins!
EFF on Six Strikes.
Whithouse Petition on Six Strikes.
The Dish user Support Plan.
No More work at Home @ Yahoo.
KB Covers.
Aereo to upset Carriers.
Nielsen to track Digital.
PR Disaster.
24hr Recording?
Outlook 13 – 5 Great Features.
The Colors of Mars.
Samsung Galaxy S4.
Google versus Samsung?
Horse Meat.
Swartz – 3 Months and Felony.
Tax Payer Fraud Waste and Abuse.
Pirate Bay to Spain?
President Cyber Security Order.
LG acquires WebOS.
Chromeboox Pixel.
Apple to Pay over Kid Apps.
Firefox OS.
Copyright Scammers.
Megaupload still rocking traffic.
Square move into POS. Freemium.
iOS Update Coming.
Slow Broadband Lobbyist Fault.
LiveOn Twitter after Death.
Where did that come from.
SpaceX upcoming mission #1
SpaceX upcoming mission #2
Blackhole report.
Homesync Media Hub.
OnStar goes to AT&T.
iOS Update.
Viddy in trouble?
More P2P Court Smackdown.