Show Notes:
SpaceX Launch
AT&T has lost their minds.
Time Warner says no demand for 1gb Internet?
YouTube for iOS lets you Link Google TV!
Apple email Censorship.
Wired Rats!
787 Plan?
Sony selling Buildings.
27 in Jail in Japan for P2P.
** Six Strike Alert!
Comcast Six Strike Scam.
CableVision Six Strike Action.
Self Driving Trucks.
Roku gets Miracast.
Roku 3
Google Premium WebM / HTML5.
Teachers use Wikipedia.
Game of Thrones Producer on P2P. trusted?
Vatican deletes all Tweets?
Mars 2018 510 days??
Fake 911 Call.
Bitcoin Scam or Real?
Google Whitespace.
FM changes Leadership.
Mapquest Travel Blogs.
Android 4.2 and Chrome Book.
Pandora caps Free.
Groupon bounces CEO!
Behringer iStudio.
Blue Mic Nessie.
Corning Flex Glass.
Apple iPad Mounts.