Show Notes:
Survey Says.
Prenda Evasive Witness.
BitCoin Heist.
VP8 Codec News.
Warrant Bill.
Pirate Bay lulz!
Prenda wants all the IP’s.
Curiosity Takes a Nap.
Apple Internet Radio.
Marvel Unlimited in iOS.
Tablet Traffic.
Facebook News Feed.
Roku 3 Contest?
Education and Digital Technology.
Where Websites are Hosted.
Mapping SXSW.
Yahoo M&A
Whitehouse Website Safe?
Star Wars 7.
NYC Drone.
Samsung Galaxy S3 Security.
Medical record Access.
Sim City Fiasco.
Amazon Pulls Sim City.
FTC goes after Text Spammers.
Texas Says get a Warrant.
787 Data Pig.
Pay to Post.
Mounting a Smartphone.