Show Notes:
Prenda Drama #1
Prenda Drama #2
Prenda & EFF.
More Prenda Owners?
Patching Curiosity!
Space data Pipes.
Rovio 1.7 Billion Downloads.
SXSW Gimmicks.
Rent a Phone.
Netflix ISP Speed Test.
Google Glass Apps.
Cord Cutters grow.
China Be Nice.
Honeypots with Malware.
Flsah and IE10
Student Office 365 Offer.
Samsung Galaxy S4.
Clones of Clones.
SpaceX Reusable Rocket.
Kodak 1.38 Billion Loss.
Fukushima +2
Power of the Sun.
Print a Skull.
Have we found ET?
Need a new Tooth?