Show Notes:
Prenda Law Panics.
No more Gag Orders.
Car GPS Tracking Fight not Over.
Google going to compete with Evernote?
Texting while driving?
Cheap Social News Win.
More DRM Horror.
The Wired 5 Google Chop Predictions.
EA CEO Resigns.
Verizon Pay as you Go TV.
Roku and Video Podcast / TV.
Feedly Winning.
TheVerge on The Morning Tech Show.
AT&T Mobile Media Changes.
The Dish Locking it Down.
Twit trys a new YouTube Show.
Unlock it All.
Google Summit Views.
That will be 222k Please.
FBI & Art.
Google Drive Outage?
Turtle Beach XP.
Windows 7 SP1 Pushing to You.