Show Notes:
Broadcast TV Declining.
Dragon Inbound.
Amazon Scores CIA contract.
NBC Universal Gets Tough.
Free VPN’s.
Apple’s Decline?
Prenda Idiots.
Hurt Brain.
T-Mobile Pay as You Go.
30 Months for Laser Pointer.
Digg to build a Reader.
Clean up Space.
787 Test Flight.
ICANN Trademark Clearinghouse.
Japan Rare Earth.
99.7% Speed of Light.
Curiosity Back to Work.
Play that Tune.
Cut your own Vinyl.
CISPA for all my Friends.
Copyright Lobby Arrogant.
Congress to wear sponsor patches!
Watch This.
T-Mobile iPhone.
NYT Closes Loopholes.
Dish 1.99 Model.
Tracking your every move.