Show Notes:
Apple 1
Trusted Friends.
2nd Anti-Patent Bill.
Chinese Spy Whoops.
BitCoin Lawsuit.
Texting on Wane.
Wearing Google Glass.
Dark Mater.
Google Fiber.
Hangout Tech Support.
Apple and Taxes.
Coda Chapter 11.
Apple 10k Giveaway.
Time Warner Copycat.
Tim Wheeler.
Gmail Tweek.
New Phone Video.
Microsoft and Android.
EFF who has your Back.
Angry Birds for Windows Phone.
Remote Presence.
Liking could be a Scam.
YouTube Capture.
Netflix Screwed.
Don’t ride this Bus Line.
TV Syndication.
CBS Cry Babies.
Drone Shield.
ASUS Google TV.
Russian Extortion.
RFID in your Cash?
Apple OS X Delay?
Blockbuster iOS.