Show Notes:
Adobe Kills Company.
Aereo Goes for broke.
Verizon no copper for you.
2722 feet up!
DOJ Nabs a Hacker.
Lady Coders.
Angry Birds Tournament.
Sims4 Standalone.
3D coming to Staples.
USB LTE Modem.
Dish Anywhere.
Solar Plane.
Angry Patent Lawyer.
New Zealand wants to Spy!
Lets sue Guy three times for same thing!
Judge Wright hammers Prenda.
Bill Gates out of Touch?
App Updates.
Clearwire needs a suitor.
Google Now.
3D Guns.
Netflix lowers Piracy.
US Versus Megaupload.
Proxy to Pirate Bay at 8%
uTorrent rejects VPN Ads.
Bust only causes Piracy to go UP.
Stay Anonymous.
Google Internet Police (Yepp)
YouTube Pay channels.
IE Zero Day Bug.
Fitbit Flex.
Quantum Internet.
Clip Bag.