Show Notes:
MPAA Freaks.
Facebook Home HTC Flop.
Saudi wants a Hacker.
Aaron Swartz Evidence.
You cannot take my Phone.
Monsanto Evil.
Prenda stoops to new Lows.
Bill Gates on Jobs.
Campaign Donations & Bill.
Malware and Java.
Gov’t and AP Phone Records.
Windows 8 and PC Market.
Google changes up Storage.
Firefox 21 – 5 New
Bitcoin Mining.
11 Google Glass Updates.
Amazon Cloud Player.
Samsung 5g?
UK Drone.
ISS Spacewalk.
ISS Change of Command.
Flying Car Crashes.
Pirates Spend Money.
Aereo new model.
ISS Tours.
New Wind Turbine.
ABC Live Stream.
Watch Wikipedia Updates.
50 Pages of Blacked out FOIA.
T-Mobile raises prices on iPhone.
Watch Google I/O 2013.
WTC Spire Install.
Vaccine eats Cocaine.
Faster Wifi at 25k.
Drones and Beer.
NMS #5.
Netflix PS3 Update.
Medref for Glass.
Sony Bluetooth Headset.
Nasa Live.