Show Notes:
1.5 Billion Old Water!
Cosmic Neutrino.
Chris Hadfield Video.
Into Darkness.
Google I/O 2013.
Glass Root.
Location Data.
Glass Privacy.
Google Maps.
Google Music.
YouTube Live.
AT&T Idiots.
Roku Updated.
Made in USA Mac.
Archos Xenon 80.
EA – Wii = To Bad.
Prenda and a Favorable Judge.
Whoops Video Erased.
Florida Yellow Lights.
Kepler RIP.
Google – Microsoft – YouTube.
Don’t call me a Idiot.
Google App Engine.
Newegg wins Large against Patent Troll.
NZ Supreme Court.
No Class Action on YouTube.
Mac Malware.
Rover Distances.
Apple Tax Hearings.
Google TV Update.
50 Billion Apps.
Ocean View.
Six Strikes No Business.
Isohunt to Supreme Court.
Space is Crazy.
New GPS Launch.
Witness Protection Pure Insanity.
NZ to Spy on Everything.
Lulzsec in Jail.
CW and Apple TV.