Show Notes:
Google Photo Search.
AT&T Admin Fee.
Hulu Bids Due.
Congrats Nick.
Get your Grill on.
Cliff Jumping with Snowmobile.
Pulsar GPS.
Itch Gene.
Xbox One.
Pandora Update.
Acer C7.
Chrome Beta.
Leica Mini M.
Microsoft Wins.
3D Trach.
Sprint to get Gov’t Overseer.
Kim Patent Troll?
Fios 77tb Monthly Limit?
Struck by Lightning.
Mouse Start Button?
Google Encryption.
uTorrent 5 Billion Views.
RIAA Massive Lay Offs.
Hurt Locker Sues Attorney.
Glass Face Recognition?
Astronaut Suit Movie.
GOES-13 Dead in Space.
Android Malware.
Tesla Pays off Gov’t Loan.
Self Driving Car How Much?
Power Utility Hacking.
Patent Troll gets Sued by State.
RIAA 20 Million Takedowns.
Concept Bike Light.
Storm Troper.
Gold iPad.
Google Drive Update.