Show Notes:
Glass the Future.
How Rich.
Teenagers and the Net.
Black PR.
Password Crackers.
Weird Stuff.
Prenda Not Paying.
Ohio Bans Internet Cafes.
Recommendation to Spy?
$400.00 Year Plant.
Moon Dust Found.
Super Earth.
160 Feet Down.
Chinese Spys.
Chill a Beer with Slingshot.
Faster Fiber.
Flickr Re-Launch.
Apple versus Xbox One.
TV Streaming Battle.
Mobile Dating.
Train Drone.
Google Bike Maps .
Chromium Reset.
Another EV company goes Bust.
Woz on Gadget Dependency.
UGO Speakers.
Google Buzz Archived.
DHS Leaks.
Digital Diary.
Toothbrush Cup.
Mech App.
$2500 cup of Joe.
Solar Kettle.
Quadcopter RC Car.
Geek Engagement Ring.
Cool 3d Printer.