Show Notes:
Your Call Records Belong to Uncle Sam.
White House says Spying on Americans Good to Go.
Verizon in Damage Control.
Securing your Comms.
Feds can search your Laptop no Search Warrant.
Iowa is Smart, California Stupid.
Anti Patent Troll Op-Ed.
FBI and Microsoft take out Botnet
250k Sites Taken Down.
Curiosity on the Move.
New Battery.
Redbox on Roku.
High Volume Trading.
Prenda in the News.
ATM Theft.
Araine to ISS with ATV-4
TPN Weekly.
Why Google Reader got the Axe.
Google Reader Lessons.
That’s 100 Million Please.
Thunderbolt Flash memory.
Check Propane levels.
Vines on Android.
Avast and VPN.
Webos Update.
Glass POV.
Mobile Phone Unlocking.
Frown to unlock Phone.
Grade Tampering in India.
OS X Update.
Apple Trade In Service.
Xbox One Gamepad.