Show Notes:
NSA Spy Scandal.
The Company Line.
Go Straight to Jail.
Polls Paint a Weird Opinion.
3 Billion Class Action Suit.
Woz on the Cloud.
Supreme Court and FISA.
WWDC Yawn.
iOS 7 Preview.
Mac Pro Weird.
New iPad / iPhone Lock.
iOS More profitable?
Xbox One Hype.
Xbox One $499.00
PS4 $399.00
Sony & Play Station Network.
PS4 Vendor Lineup.
PS4 to cost Monthly.
PS4 No Restrictions.
Mega Bandwidth.
Get ready to pay Warner Brothers.
MalwareBytes as you to Pay.
Police Shakedown.
87 Months for Copyright Violation.
GOT P2P Record.
Sprint More Money on Table.
Hacker who Helped Police Arrested.
Android Gmail Update not Good?
Logitech keyboard.
Massive Game Source Code Hacked.
Sync your Gmail.