Show Notes:
What is your profile worth?
Microsoft Store.
Communicate with ET.
Google Glass Teardown.
Nothing to Hide?
Someones Quiet.
Congress Waking Up?
Are you a criminal?
Brain Stimulation Dangerous?
Sony NEX F3.
Facebook Hashtags.
New / Old xBox 360.
See a LTE Site.
New CMOS Sensor.
New Collider.
Bigger iPhone?
eCall for all Vehicles.
iOS 7 Insights.
Big Bang Inflation.
NASA Startup Infusion.
Enterprise to Desktop.
NYC 3D Gun Bill.
Boxee Sale or cash.
Chinese in Space.
Mars Toxic.
Solar Sail.
Big Cable Meanies.
Rovio Angry Birds.
Google+ Update.
Thumb Drive.
Happy Birthday Suit.
Debian Security Notice.
Sweeden No to Google Apps.
Google buys Waze.