Show Notes:
TPW #100
Get Over it?
Yahoo by the Numbers.
Apple by the Numbers.
Immunity for Everyone.
Texas New Privacy Law
Spy Gear.
TWC – No Throttling?
Hotel Wifi.
Verizon Netflix Issue.
Crazy Mad Scientist.
Dropbox Update.
Waka Waka.
Digg Reader.
Airbus A350 Cockpit. User Changes.
Sprint LTE Expansion.
Sprint sues Dish.
Safecast Radiation Readings.
Fountain of Youth.
TWC – Six Strike Letter.
Russia SOPA No Good.
Foursquare Tracker Creepy.
Google Fights the Child Porn.
Medical Math to find Disease.
Ford get Buttons.
Don’t Lie to Judge.
Government Taking Downs
Netflix Original.
Sony Goes Large.
New Astronauts.
Internet Fraud.
Mobile Speed Results.
Chromebook Retailers.
JayZ Free Album.
The X3 helicopter.