Show Notes:
Cyborgs are we?
Glass as big as iPhone?
Gamble Online?
Who needs the Constitution?
Troll Hunting.
Digg Reader.
MA. Has Lost there Collective Minds.
Fermi Paradox.
Xbox One Changes.
Black Boxes in our Cars.
Pirate Bay Founder to Jail.
Aarons law.
Aussie Super Computer.
Facebook Instagram Videos.
Apple Antitrust.
AP & Bambuser.
Logitech Harmony News.
Hell is Other People.
Ford Wireless Breaking.
FeedDemon the Last Version.
MacPro Design.
Linkedin Customer Service.
Apple TV Update.
Facebook Photo Comments.
Vine Talent Agency.
Instagram Videos.
iPads in LA Schools.
MegaUpload data wiped.
KAT gets domain back.
***** NASA Billion Pixel Image ******
Best Legal Letter Yet.
Ten Mac Apps.
Rovio Viking Voyage.
Microsoft decides not to play.
LG Event.
1700 Domains and Counting.