Show Notes:
UberX in LA.
Glass Update.
Google Glass Privacy and Congress.
Glass Web Browser.
Firefox Tablet.
Nextel Network RIP.
Ultimate Autograph.
Thorium Nuclear Power.
Cable Mergers?
CERN Cloud.
Fake or Real?
Zynga Change of Command.
Skype @ 100M on Android.
Winklevoss Twins.
Do Not Call Fine.
Valuable Rock.
NASA new Look.
Orion Test Launch in 14.
In Saturn’s Rings
Google Pressuring TV Manufactures?
Filter Fakers.
Rental Car 101.
Not as much Porn.
Windows Store 100k Apps.
Lone Coder Duplicates Google Reader.
Filip Phone for you young Kids.
$42.00 Can Opener?
Blackberry Playbook no More Updates.
LAX Updated Terminal.
Samsung Apple Divorce Complete?
Body Powered Flashlight.
Apple Q3 pending.