Show Notes:
Anyone Can Sue.
Worst Patent Trolls.
Prenda Appeal.
Not your Wife’s Mini Van.
4000 mph Bullet Train.
New Satellites.
Cassini to Image Home.
Rover in Overdirve.
Bill Gates and College Lectures.
Google Entrepreneurs.
360TB Glass Media.
New Android App Store.
iMDB App.
Thunderbolt Device Shortage.
JK Rowling.
3D Printed Rocket Engine.
UK Gov’t and ISP at War.
Fukushima Update.
Pebble Challenges.
Data Center Heating up.
Space Penetrator.
Sun EMP.
Apple TV Ad Skipping.
Neptune has 2 more Moons.
Get a New Username at Yahoo.
Yahoo vs FISA.
Pirate Ad Fighting.
Rovio AB Star Wars II.
Free Android Apps.
HULU Not for Sale.
Get a New Phone early @ Verizon.
Hack you Verizon Base Extender.
German UAV Crash.