Show Notes:
Chromecast #2
Chromecast #3
Chromecast #4
Chromecast #5
150 Million CC Numbers.
New Nexus 7.
Amazon Cloud growth.
TV Ad growth?
Gravity Trailer.
Sun like you have never seen it.
Inside a Nuclear Storage Center.
Memory Implantation.
120k Spent from Kickstarter?
Fat Burning Breathalyzer.
Have NFC get a free Guinness.
Amazon Photo App does Video.
Amazon looses 7 Million.
Google Blocks Grooveshark.
100 Million Links removed.
Banned Movie huge Torrent Success.
How they Voted.
iHeartRadio adds Talk.
Dish wins again.
Bailing on Bonds.
Orion passes 10th Parachute Drop.
Phone + GPS + Photo = No Privacy.
7000 Gov’t Data Centers.
NASA Wise Blows my Mind.
Sprint turns on the Speed.
Light Stopped for 1 Minute.
Garmin works to stay in the Game.
Car Hackers.
Facebook Financials.