Show Notes:
YouTube Live Out of Business.
Personal Amazon and Washington Post.
Comcast Warns Pirates.
Anti-Theft Backpack.
Confused Xerox Machines.
Pirates Get out of Lawsuit.
AT&T and Bootloaders.
Feedly how can I pay you?
Cox and Personalized TV.
Fukushima Update.
1400 Asteroids.
Tape Fanatic.
Zens QI Wireless.
Blizzard on Pandora.
RAVPower Review.
Catch RIP.
Square Update.
ITC Veto.
SOPA Again?
Prenda in the News Again!
LinkedIn Jobs.
Time Warner and CBS Battle it out.
Hotel WiFi and Chromecast.
Redbox Instant and Roku.
Apple Trade In Program.
Samsung and Tizen?
H&M Opens Digital Store.
VC Bad Bet?
Big Wheel for Adult.