Show Notes:
NMS #17
International Shakedown.
Smashing Hard-Drives.
In the Bag Journalist?
VPN & TOR bans?
Six Strike Oversight.
Two Phones.
Gold Phone.
Phone Switchers.
Overstock Declares War.
Pay Per Gaze.
LG Retina Screen?
EV Popularity.
Google Glass in 2014.
Facebook Hack.
Inside Patent Trolls.
Tweet and Go to Jail.
Solar Powered Drones.
Dont Spoof your IP.
Xbox One Update.
iOS App Security?
Woz Smacks Down Movie.
GoDaddy buys Locu.
Skype in Outlook.
Crowdfunding Twist.
NFC + Eink = Cool.
Google Glass for Police and Fire.
Try to beat this.
Parkinson’s Treatment.
20% Don’t use Internet. Outage.
Germany Recognizes BitCoin.
New YouTube App for Droid.
F35 Vert Landing.
Would you buy this?
Feedly and OPML is coming.