Show Notes:
Uber going Driverless!
Chromecast Issues.
Feedly has Pro Option Now.
Moto X online August 29th.
EFF & Lessig battle Music Company.
Malware on Mobile Stats.
Oldest Sun.
Windows 8.1 Images.
DOJ outs Google in Document.
Space Photo of the Day.
Spitzer Space Images.
UK Official out of his Mind.
Steve Jobs Email on Amazon.
Financial Companies to Avoid.
Top 10 Internet Cities.
Facebook Shared Albums.
Bitcoin Regulations Coming?
Siri Turned Rouge?
Ballmers Out.
Top 8 to Replace Ballmer.
Rabbit Ears for Time Warner Customers.
Woz Smacks Microsoft.
Amazon Outage.
Omate Smart Watch.
.cn DDOS
No Internet?
170 Years of Hurricanes.
Nice Bike Accessories.
Affleck Batman Outrage.
LG G Pad.
Mophie for Galaxy S4.
Green Shower head that goes Red.
Lavabit Alternative.
Three Chrome Features.