Show Notes:
How much damage now?
Snowden Spoofer.
Snowden Brilliant Traitor!
Tech Companies Versus NSA?
Rover gets Drivers License.
McAfee Again.
3hr Prenda Hearing.
Nexus 7 LTE Mid Sept.
Gravity Trailer.
Martian Descendants?
Delta 4 launch.
TOR Doubles.
Google Fiber Expands.
Mechanical Turk..
Stupid Bank Robbers.
600mbps Space Internet.
USPTO IPE Comments
Amazon in UK and Germany Changes.
Woman Flips Out.
***Texting someone driving = Your Liable!***
Facebook and your Data.
Amazon Warehouse King.
New Nexus & Update.
Foursquare Annoying Update.
How to make a Tech Commercial.
Xbox One kicks the Audio.
Mars Solar Eclipse Captured.
Parallels 9.
Digg App.
Price cuts hold!
Microsoft to take stake in Foursquare?
Microsoft Battles Malware on Windows Phone.
Did some touch my Computer?