Show Notes:
Chrome the Trojan Horse.
Elon Musk Video!
Samsung Smartwatch.
GoDaddy Changes Focus.
UBER to prevent DUI’s?
Nokia and Microsoft.
iPhone Repair.
Film On X looses in court.
Curb Kicks.
Google Gmail Class Action.
Audi Tech.
H.265 Decoder.
Marketers Accurate or Not?
Need a Job? Have a clearance?
Brazil President Pissed.
Oyster all you can eat.
First Xbox One Ad.
Bing Update.
Yahoo Update.
Artificial Muscle.
No Upgrade for you!
Kindle Matchbook.
RIP Paperback?
6 Inch iPhone?
Our Pee?
RSS is Alive.
Follow the Bitcoins.
TRENDNet 20 year probation.
Banking Trojan.
Internet Anonymous.
Space Winds Change.
Space Photos.
NASA Pool Experience.